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Card game is for entertainment purposes only, we do not condone the card actions in real life. This game is meant for mature audiences.

What is Escape Da Box?

Escape Da Box is a brutal game of sabotage and destruction. You play your pick of six goblins that have explored the wrong cardboard box and are trapped within until they either die or take out the other players in an attempt to Escape Da Box. Through the use of offense, defense, gadget and critter cards you fight your way to freedom by being the sole-survivor. Meat shields, wolf mauling, and pedantic wizards await. Up to six players enter, but only one player leaves. Do you have what it takes to sabotage your friends and be the one who Escapes Da Box?

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How to Play ...

Da Detailed Instructions.

Each player picks a player card.
This card has unique attributes and a unique ability.


Guts - CourageMoxie - SmartsSpunk - Life

If any one of your attributes reach 0 (zero), your Goblin player is unable to continue their escape and you're a loser.
If any of your attributes reach 21 (twenty-one), your Goblin explodes appropriately in relation to the exceeded stat and you're a loser.

You have to be smart in how you lose/gain points as you also use your attribute points to cast/summon certain cards.

Last Goblin standing, escapes the box!

Escape Da Box Logo!

A card game of merciless survival!

Escape Da Box has gone through a full external review and we've tightened up the game a bit.
We hope to have decks for sale starting in March.